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As a leading specialist for cellular rubber and plastic products we aim to provide our customers in all sectors of industry with just the right product for their applications.

That is why in addition to its standard range, KÖPP also offers special products such as cellular Vulkollan, open-cell sponge rubber, PUR special elastomers and Armacell materials.

Special products

Cellular Vulkollan®

Cellular Vulkollan® is a non-rigid, elastic cellular material with a mainly closed cell structure. It has a polyurethane base. It therefore has a high rebound resilience and high volume compressibility.

It is supplied in block and slab form and can be cut, punched, glued, milled, planed and coated with adhesives to make other products.

Open cell sponge rubber

Open cell sponge rubber

Sponge rubber is a spongy, porous material usually made from natural rubber. Good compressibility, elasticity, absorbency and surface adhesion make this type of sponge rubber a unique material.

It is the product of choice for balls for cleaning piping systems, making dies for labelling machines and colour inking rollers. It is certainly no longer a niche product.

Silicone rubber

Silicone rubber has extremely high thermal resistance, good cold flexibility and it is particularly resistant to oxygen and ozone.

We can make silicone moulded parts or profiles in-house to meet your specifications. We sell silicone foam in sheet form from thicknesses of 1.5 mm.

Silicone cable ducting 
Silicone cable ducting
Silicone frame 
Silicone frame

Rubber cork

Rubber cork is a material made from a blend of cork and rubber, which we use to make punched items or cut-to-size parts to your specifications. The rubber cork parts we supply are always self-adhesive for application to the component.

Rubber cork has excellent mechanical friction resistance and it has many applications, for example in the automotive sector.

Open cell sponge rubber


As a major distributor we stock the complete range of flexible insulation materials produced by leading international manufacturers.

AF/Armaflex®, SH/Armaflex®, Armaflex® HT and Tubolit® are just a few of the leading materials to which we apply our experience and expertise to manufacture products for you.

For further information see the manufactures website:
Armacell Germany

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