KÖPP can look back on a company history that stretches back to 1938.

Our production range has constantly expanded, and it now includes a great range of cellular materials which is unparalleled anywhere else in the world.

KÖPP has a long, illustrious history as a leading manufacturer and processor of cellular rubber, polyethylene foam and sponge rubber. Our product portfolio now also includes moulded parts and foam plastics of various types.

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Founding of the company

At the end of the 1930s, company founder Wilhelm Köpp took over a business in Aachen, Germany, selling cellular rubber and sponge rubber. The company grew quickly and soon started manufacturing and processing these materials, too.


Expansion of the product range to include polyurethane and polyethylene.


Ernst Raab comes to KÖPP

Dipl. Kfm. Ernst Raab joined KÖPP as a partner in 1959. The company changed from being a private company to a limited partnership.


The company continued to expand and in 1963 moved into its own, much larger premises.


Founding of KÖPP-Filtertechnik - filter technology

Another milestone in company’s development was the founding in 1965 of Köpp-Filtertechnik - filter technology.

filter technology


In 1968 company activities expanded essentially further when it took over distribution of PE foams for the English company BXL Ltd. (now Zotefoams PLC).


Bovenden branch

Begin of sponge rubber production at the former Rudolf Haupt sponge rubber factory, which became the KÖPP branch at Bovenden near Göttingen.

Bovenden branch near Göttingen


Start of cellular rubber production

A year later, in 1972 Köpp founded a foam elastomer company, Schaumelastomer GmbH & Co. KG, in Berlin and also started production of its own cellular rubber qualities.


Launch of the FIPFG production line in Bovenden

A new chapter in company history was started in Bovenden in 2001: The start of production of innovative Formed In Place Foam Gaskets (FIPFG). This meant that KÖPP had become a system supplier.


Expansion of manufacturing activities for solid rubber mouldings.

Halfway through 2006, the company expanded its manufacturing activities in solid rubber components thus marking another major milestone in the company's continued success.


Purchase of a share of Rubbertec S.R.L., Romania

Shortly after the cellular rubber factory in Berlin closed in 2007, KÖPP bought a share in the company Rubbertec S.R.L., starting the production of cellular rubber in Arinis, Romania.


On 01.01.2008 Oliver Köpp and Dipl.-Kfm. Achim Raab are appointed to Managing Directors of W. KÖPP GmbH & Co. KG.


Founding of Roop Koepp Foam Technologies Private Ltd., India

Roop Koepp Foam Technologies Private Ltd.

In 2011, the joint venture with our Indian partner Roop Polymers Ltd. was founded to enter the growth markets in Southeast Asia. The location in Sohna near Delhi produces and converts cellular rubber.

Founding of the 100% owned subsidiary, SC KOEPP Romania S.R.L.

After extensive investment to modernise the installations of Rubbertec S.R.L., KÖPP took over the Romanian company completely in 2011 and founded the 100% owned subsidiary, SC Koepp Romania S.R.L., to restart production of our own cellular rubber qualities. At the same time, activities to expand the converting possibilities of the produced cellular rubber blocks are consequently advanced.


FIP(F)G in Aachen

FIPFG Aachen

In 2012 FIP(F)G production also started in Aachen.

Completion of the renovated facilities at our main site in Aachen.


75 years of KÖPP

75 years

KÖPP celebrates the company’s 75th anniversary - 1938-2013.


In 2014, Oliver Köpp, the last member of the founding family left the company. The company is now completely owned by the Raab family. Sole Managing Director is Dipl.-Kfm. Achim Raab.



Mid 2015 KÖPP takes over two SAPSOL presses from the British manufacturer Flexi-Cell (UK) as well as further equipment for the production of cellular rubber and installs it at its Romanian facility. Thereby, production capacity in Romania increases to 150.000 blocks per annum.

Under its new, streamlined management, W. KÖPP GmbH & Co. KG has achieved the best results in the company’s history.


The aim behind all our investments and efforts is for W. KÖPP GmbH & Co. KG to continue to grow. The way we achieve this remains the same: Developing our proven offering further and daring to try new thing while always keeping customer’s need in mind.


Since the foundation of SC Koepp Romania SRL in 2011, the floor space and production area of the plant in Arinis, Romania has increased more than tenfold.

Further investments in production space and machinery , especially in additional splitting capacity, will follow in 2021. Köpp's position as the largest manufacturer of rolled goods in Europe will thus be consolidated and expanded.

In order to be able to meet the increased demand for block products, additional production lines for the manufacture of foamed cellular rubber and polyethylene blocks will be commissioned at the Romanian site.

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