Who are we?

W. KÖPP GmbH & Co. KG has a long, illustrious history as a leading manufacturer and processor of cellular rubber, polyethylene foam and sponge rubber. Our product portfolio now also includes moulded parts and foam plastics of various types.

At our two locations in Germany, at our production facility in Romania, and as part of our joint venture in India, KÖPP employs around 350 staff and it is now a truly global company. Our products made from a huge variety of materials are used throughout industry and will be found in numerous applications in the automotive, packing, aerospace and mechanical engineering sectors.

As a manufacturer, dealer and processor, we consistently use our skills throughout the entire value chain. This strong combination of manufacturing expertise and processing and service skills is unique in Europe. These different areas of expertise make us what we are: Experts in Foam.

Pylon in the evening
Production facilities of our subsidiary, S.C. KOEPP Romania S.R.L.


Cellular rubber, polyethylene, sponge rubber and solid rubber are produced in-house at KÖPP. Choose from a wide range of different elastomers and quality levels.

At the in-house production facilities of our subsidiary S.C. KOEPP Romania S.R.L. we produce our KOEPPcell® range of cellular rubber blocks made of EPDM, chloroprene rubber, natural rubber and polyethylene, developed in Germany. Our modern production technology guarantees the highest quality at particularly interesting prices.

At our location in Bovenden, we also have renowned experts in manufacture of sponge rubber and solid rubber. We use over 500 tonnes of raw compound every year to make moulded parts, profiles, round cords and other product solutions.

If you bring us in at an early stage of your seal solution design, you can benefit from our manufacturing expertise to get the best possible solution right from the start. Excellence and quality “Made by KÖPP”.


KÖPP offers you the widest range of cellular rubber and cellular polyethylene qualities in Germany and across Europe direct from stock: almost every type of elastomer, a huge variety of densities, and a whole range of special qualities – flame-retardant, static dissipative, peroxide-cured or low-smoke.

Make the most of our wide range, and thanks to our huge storage capacity we can supply you at short notice, with accuracy and in quantities optimised to suit your needs.


We meet your requirements by providing perfectly fabricated materials, which are precisely split, with a durable adhesive coating, precisely tailor-made – this is the core competence of KÖPP. Our products are produced to meet your individual needs, so you can bring them directly into your manufacturing process with confidence for a perfect end product.

Of course, we also offer ready-made solutions to meet your specifications using any of the materials we offer. With our highly modern machine tools, we are perfectly equipped to meet all your requirements.

Splitting loop

Manufacturing process

Pressing/hot moulding
Water jet cutting
Laser processing


Different materials can be split into sheets of various thicknesses. The minimum thickness of 0.8 mm is possible, limited only by technical factors.

Precision splitting machines made by leading machine tool manufacturers guarantee a perfect result every time.


At Köpp, lamination consists of bonding together sheets of cellular polyethylene using heat and pressure. This process is used to make thick sheets and blocks of cellular polyethylene, and to make compounds of various materials and colours to customer requirements.

No glue is used in the bonding process to ensure that our foam materials maintain their original pristine appearance.


Adhesives are the most commonly requested coating for our materials. Coating takes place on automatic laminating machines where pressure rollers or heated applicators apply the coating.

An adhesive coating can be applied to practically all our materials. Customised coatings are possible and – if required – we can also apply fabric and textile coatings to the base material.

Punching/ kiss cut

We use computer-controlled automatic punching machines and punch dies made from strip steel or all metal to produce stamped parts loose or kiss cut on webbing or rolls with an adhesive coating.

Cellular rubber, cellular polyethylene, sponge rubber sheets, etc. are perfectly suited for production of all types of punched items.


The unvulcanised sponge rubber blank consists of a compound containing raw rubber and chemicals including a foaming agent. The blank, which is thinner than the finished profile, is placed in a metal mould. During vulcanising, the foaming agent expands the blank until it fills the mould completely and the foamed rubber takes on its final form, shaped by the mould walls, so it is a more precise shape than a product that is simply heated.

In the process the outer surfaces of the profile, i.e. those pressed against the mould walls, form a smooth flat skin. The skin is load-bearing and impermeable. The open cell structure inside the material is maintained.

Pressing/hot moulding

Hot moulding and pressing is a process used to shape thermoplastic materials such as polyethylene foam. Heat and pressure are applied to the material using a die or a mould to form a two-dimensional part.

After a short period of cooling, the moulded shape becomes permanent and irreversible. This process is used to make furniture padding, company logos and similar products.

Water jet cutting

In this process, the material is cut to shape using a high-pressure water jet. The water jet can operate at pressures up to 6,000 bar but usually pressures between 3,200 and 3,800 bar are used to save costs. The advantage of this method is that the cut material hardly warms up at all. The high pressures used ensure that the cutting water remains sterile.
Not limited by a tool, you can make shapes as complicated as you want.

Unlike with punching, the cut edge does not become concave when larger material thicknesses are used. The cutting programs are highly customisable and the method is therefore ideally suited to making pilot run series and test pieces.

Laser processing

Highly precise shapes can be achieved using lasers. All materials can be effectively engraved or labelled with lasers. Unlike with punching, the cut edges do not become concave.

Laser processing is particularly suitable for small production runs, as you can save on tool costs. It is a quick and uncomplicated process.


In our CNC-controlled milling centers, we process almost all materials. The variety of tools makes the processing and the individual customization to the customer's wishes possible. No matter whether it is a sample, a single item or a large series.

By using state-of-the-art CAD / CAM systems, we produce precise components, inserts, packaging etc. with cutouts, holes, steps, countersinks and folds.


Service provider

We can give you solution-oriented advice from the beginning, as we have an eye on all the alternatives, and we also have most materials available from stock. Our ability to discuss the pros and cons of all sealing variants constructively with our customers is our strengh and it makes us unique in this sector.

Benefit from our many years of expertise as Europe’s largest service provider for formed-in-place gaskets (FIPG / FIPFG).

Our broad selection of materials and our focus on manufacturing mean we are in an excellent position to produce prototypes and test production runs.

We can work with you to select the best solution for your application from a wide variety of processes, concepts and materials. You can only get this “one-stop shop” service from KÖPP.


Innovation and tradition - KÖPP has been producing and selling seals for more than 80 years. The demands made today on perfect sealing are becoming increasingly complex and specific. To meet and exceed these requirements, KÖPP invests constantly in its expertise and the latest technology in development and production, and in qualified staff. This consistently helps with shortening development cycles and developing new material qualities to meet demand.

Tradition, experience and innovation will continue to provide the foundation for us to expand as a manufacturer and for the KÖPP brand to grow in the 21st century.

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