Protection against liquid media

Nothing is impossible!

Other applications

Haven’t you found anything to meet your needs in our Applications section? Don’t worry, because only the most common applications are listed with their own menu item.

Our products cover a huge range of functions. Speak to our experts. Together we can certainly find a tailor-made solution to suit your needs.


Pressure compensators

Pressure compensators made of silicone foam prevent tanks bursting during frost (e.g. AdBlue).

The pressure compensator in the tank is compressed absorbing the pressure.

Transport rollers

Transport rollers made of sponge rubber have proven to be effective for transporting industrial goods such as sheets, paper, ceramics or wooden panels. We offer all sponge rubber qualities with special surface structures, e.g. nobbly, grooved or with oval tread – even with metal inserts for ball bearings.

Transport rollers
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