Insulation and isolation

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Insulating and isolating

Acoustic and thermal sound insulation in car interiors, for machines or in the construction sector are often not just necessary but also mandatory.

KÖPP has been offering its customers reliable products for sound insulation and to prevent rattling for decades. Cellular rubber, polyethylene and sponge rubber are used for both thermal insulation and vibration damping, and particularly to prevent rattling in the automotive sector. Solid rubber and filter materials have also proven effective. Discuss which solution is best for you with our experts.

Sound insulation

The different qualities of our polyethylene range are commonly used in car interiors for acoustic decoupling and noise reduction. Along with cellular rubber and sponge rubber, they are also used for sound insulation and for petrol and water pumps. Our porous, low-pressure polyethylene VYON® is particularly versatile in this area: for noise reduction in accordance with statutory regulations for pneumatic systems or electric motors.

It is also used in orthopaedic equipment, for example for noise reduction in pneumatic artificial joints, increasing the patient’s wellbeing.

Are you still looking for the perfect material to effectively insulate escaping sounds or the ideal way to dampen the noise of footsteps? We'll be glad advise you. We are competent and welcoming with a wide range of solutions.

Sound insulation in car interiors
Sport mat

Heat insulation

Successful heat insulation is not always just a question of preventing heat loss. Often the material needs to have other properties besides just insulation.

In the case of sport mats, clean cellular polyethylene is often the obvious choice, as its chemical inertness means it is kind to skin. In medical applications, PE inserts in bars and prosthetics also ensure that body heat is not conducted away. For coping for roof insulation our cellular rubber is impressively resistant to ozone and UV. We also have the appropriate material for pipe insulation in the car or health sector, and for decoupling components to avoid escaping heat.

Vibration damping

Rattle prevention is an important consideration in the car and construction sectors. Both outside on trims, bumpers or roof racks and inside for cable harnesses, Bowden cables, pipes, cladding or gears. Our products have also been used in the engine compartment for decades.

Our customers include us in their planning from the beginning. We consult and develop systems together. We also ultimately benefit from the experience that our customers contribute, e.g. that polyethylene used in batteries or liquid containers offers better insulation than cellular rubber.

People trust our expertise and quality in other sectors as well: Sponge rubber has proven effective in the construction sector for heat equalisation in stretch profiles (at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin for example), cellular rubber has been used in solar panels for mechanical decoupling and for vibration damping machine decoupling devices.

Dust protection in air conditioning systems
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