New homogeneous materials

Solid rubber

With our new solid rubber range we have opened up another major field in modern rubber processing – the homogeneous elastomer.

This homogeneous rubber material is suitable for a much wider range of applications in comparison with our other cellular materials.

Areas of application

Solid rubber

What is solid rubber?

The homogeneous elastomers in our solid rubber section provide a particularly reliable seal where there are high seal and load pressures. Mixtures of NR, CR, EPDM, NBR, fluorine and silicone, resistance ratings from 30 – 80 Shore A offer you a wide variety of applications. From simple pipe connectors and flexible vibration dampers right through to complex automotive components.  Very often these components perform important tasks vital to the durability and functionality of a larger system.

You can rely on the quality and durability of KÖPP solid rubber. We combine the latest processing technology with stringent quality control to guarantee top durability and cost-effectiveness.

You can download our data sheets on solid rubber at our Service Centre.

Technical data

  • High durability
  • Various compound mixes available
  • Bonding in production e.g. rubber-metal bonding
  • Various Shore hardnesses available (30° to 80° Shore A)
  • Precise and reproducible

Product range

  • Mouldings made from EPDM, NBR, NR, CR, SILICONE, FLUORINE RUBBER, 30 – 80 Shore A
  • Own tool shop and machine tools
  • DESMA 8-250 ton, cold channel injection moulder
  • Manufacture of rubber-to-metal bonded parts to customer specifications
  • Strand extrusion (even for small batches)
  • Packaging
Solid rubber close-up 
Solid rubber close-up
Moulded parts 
Moulded parts
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