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VYON® and GURON® are filter materials made from porous, low pressure polyethylene manufactured using a modern sinter process. The individual polymers melt at their contact points to form an open-pored filter material.

VYON® and GURON® are porous plastics and therefore used in depth filters. They act as good filter material because they trap particles on their surfaces and in the labyrinth-like paths through the material. The filtering effect can be increased by increasing the thickness of the material or the wall thickness.

Vyon und Guron
VYON® and GURON® products
Thickness comparison
Thickness comparison

Product range

VYON® soundproofing


Ventilation of liquids

VYON® and GURON® can be used as a filter material or as part of a filter system. They can also be used to make a gas permeable membrane for ventilating liquid or powder media.

VYON® and GURON® are highly versatile materials and therefore suitable for a wide range of applications in practically all branches of industry. You'll find filter media made from these versatile material in the cosmetics and medical technology industry, too.

Applications using VYON® and GURON®

  • Separating solids from gases and liquids
  • Ventilation and venting of solid, gaseous and liquid media.
  • Pressure compensation in batteries and flasks
  • In medical technology
  • for soundproofing
  • in sensing and measurement technology
  • Filter elements for the photographic industry
  • Filter units for vacuum conveying systems

Technical data

hydrophilic - hydrophobic
  • very good resistance to corrosion and chemical attack
  • low weight
  • very cost-effective
  • physiologically safe 
  • easy to recycle and therefore environment friendly
  • hydrophobic (standard) and hydrophilic versions available
  • good temperature resistance at steady state temperatures up to + 80°C
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